This page is for “the village” that surrounds a foster or adoptive family. Our desire is that this link can be used by the loved ones of families that have welcomed a child into their home so that they can be better equipped to help. Consider this a training of sorts. It is very commonplace for foster families to feel isolated and alone. We believe that if people knew the need and the heart behind it, they would be more hands-on in supporting this valuable community of families!

Blog Posts


    Four Ways Your Church Can Support Foster and Adoptive Families — Jason Johnson


Jason Johnson is a foster parent himself and works for Christian Alliance for Orphans. He speaks in churches and at conferences in effort to equip those in the foster and adoptive journey, or those who are coming alongside it. He is also the author of several books and a blog. In this specific blog post, he highlights how churches can get involved in supporting local foster families. However, these tangible forms of support would be good for anyone trying to support and love a fostering family. 


   Have You Said This to a Foster Parent? – The Forgotten Initiative


This post from The Forgotten Initiative does a good job walking you through how to encourage with words. We have all been there. We don’t know what to say OR we think we know what to say but our words hurt instead of help. This short blog post brings some of those “do not” phrases to the forefront. 



This video was filmed by a group of teenagers in Cabarrus County. They interviewed local foster and adoptive families who speak directly to the needs and support that was, or would have been, most helpful to them and their children.